Saturday, July 13, 2013

A trip to the Children's Museum!!

Happy Saturday!!!
We went to the Omaha Children's Museum yesterday and it was so much fun, and exhausting. ;)
The place was more for bigger kids and I knew that but since Harper is such a good walker I knew she would enjoy it and she loves being around other kids. Yup, she loved being able to just walk around and we just followed her and tried showing her cool things to do but she didn't care. She is miss independent. 

They have a couple cute exhibits like a little grocery store with play food and mini shopping carts, even a cash register. She just kept picking up all the foods and I found her a little basket to put her bread in. LOL. The older kids were kind of meanies though and would take stuff from her hands and I think I almost hit a couple kids but whatever. I know one thing, I hope Harper never acts like that to kids younger than her... It was a hard day for my momma bear attack mode instincts :0

I think this face says it all!!
Just a little shopping!
She was freaked out by these fake animals. LOL

Then there was a huge room with tubes and crazy contraptions and crazy stuff, I don't even know how to describe it but a giant ball pit with noises and balls flying all over. HA. But Harper loved this because there were tons of kids to watch and she was exploring all the craziness of the ball things. Oh my goodness. Cray Cray. Also, I almost punched a few kids again for grabbing the balls out of her hands and knocking her over. Also a chunky monkey way too old to be being a nut kid fell on my foot while I was holding Harper's hand walking and almost knocked both of us over! OMG. I was beyond annoyed and Nick thought I tripped the kid so I'm sure everyone else did too. haha. Oops.
My curious little fashionista! She was definitely the best dressed kid there ;)
run run run run 

The balls would all collect and then all the kids would stand under this and wait for them to fall.
What is all this?
Harper made a couple sweet friends!
swoon. I really love this age!
This little girl kept coming up to H and handing her the balls and kept saying "here baby". It was so cute!!
And then they did this and my heart melted. :) :)
Cool tornado demonstration. I wanted her to stand in it but this is what I got. lol. I still think the light looks super cool!

I hope you all have a great weekend! I am so tired from yesterday that I am doing nothing all day!! Oh, except entertain my crazy bug which is a lot so never mind I will be busy!! :)

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