Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Harper's 12 Month Update

The last few weeks have been crazy for us.
With Harper turning one, my sister in town, me trying my hand in the photography world, and just crazy summertime, I feel like we haven't even sat down for more than two minutes. (Anyone else have those moments)? I am finally able to recap Harper as a ONE year old!! 
Harper's 12 Month Stats:
Weight- 19 pounds (57%)
Height- 28 inches (21%)
Head- 18 inches (85%)
She is a healthy little peanut. She has had all of her vaccinations up to this point (no judgy if you don't agree. I come from a medical family and I think it is the best decision for my child). This appointment was the absolute worst by far. Shots and a finger prick.. My heart hurt so bad but she was fine after a couple minutes. :(
She is still breastfeeding and I really don't plan on stopping anytime soon. I have introduced cows milk but just to kind of see how she reacts to it and so far its hit or miss. The first time she drank the whole cup and the second time she took one sip and threw it on the ground but once she drinks it regularly I plan on starting the weaning process... maybe :/ I just love it way too much still and I am not ready for her not to need me anymore... This girl loves to eat everything in sight! Everything I eat she has to eat too but I am glad she is not picky except for veggies, not her favorite. She still only has her two bottom teeth but the tops ones are fast approaching... She has been on edge for a couple weeks now and everyday I think they are going to pop through but nope, they are just sitting there under her gums. Poor baby, I wish I could take her pain away...
Funniest face EVER! I laugh every time I see this!
First time eating grilled cheese.
Clothing Size:
She is wearing so many different sizes of clothes and shoes. Mostly 6-12 months in everything but a few 3-6 leggings and 9 month onsies. Her shoes size is suppose to be a 4 according to the shoe sizer lady HA but she wears 3s, 4s, and her moccs are a size 5 and she can wear them even though they are pretty big. She wears  size three diapers and she has for like months now... Oh and she hates getting them changed.. She acts like its torture! ;) OK Harps, time for the big girl potty then! hehe.
9 Month dress a little too big. //Dress- Target Shoes- Old Navy
I know it's blurry but her face is killing me! // Shorts & Tank- Kohls Moccs- Freshly Picked
My favorite romper right now! And the cutest Popsicle headband! // Romper- Target Headband-  Rolly Polly Bowtique
She is still sleeping with me at night but she does go down in her own crib around 7 p.m. and then I go and get her around midnight and she comes and sleeps with me in bed. Sounds weird but I am just not comfortable with her sleeping 2 floors away from me all night and I cant give up our snuggles at night. Sorry, Nick, I miss you too but shes only little once right?! She also takes her naps in the crib which is so amazing for both of us because she sleeps awesome and it gives me a little time to do stuff! I am so proud of her!

I still love when she sleeps on me when we are babysitting and not at home!
She is one active happy girl. She loves walking all over the place. If we are out in public she has to be walking like a big girl otherwise its a fit. She loves being outside especially with her Grandpa because he takes her on little walks around the house. She also loves the pool! She dips her head in the water like no biggie! Her favorite toys are her little people (we have every single Disney princess little person they make) and her castle. Also she loves her baby dolls and now has a stroller and crib for them! Adorable! She is already a good mommy! She also  loves giving kisses and hugs. I love love love her kisses so much! She use to do the open mouth kiss but now she puckers her lips and I melt!!! :) :)
She really does love our morning driveway dates! ;)
Bath time = Happy time
Pool Babe
She doesn't really love this toy anymore but its the only pic I have of her playing with something being a one year old! oops.
I feel like I am forgetting so much but there is just so much personality, cuteness, brains, sweetness, everything into this amazing little girl that I could probably write a book about how awesome she is! 
She is perfect and beautiful and I still cant believe I have a one year old! We are so beyond blessed!!


  1. Oh Taylor, she is the cutest!!! You have a 1 year old!!! & I'll have a 1 year old in less than a month!!!! Time, please slow downnnnn!!!!

  2. How did you get her to let you paint her toenails?!!! I've been trying to get Mya's now for months and she's not having it! I'm so jealous!!! :p

    I HATED the one year appointment too. Poor babes :( Hopefully the next one is easier!