Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summertime Makeup

Beauty Wednesday is back! For today...
I haven't posted a beauty board in awhile so I thought I would post my summer face! Like most, I hate wearing a ton of makeup during the heated months. I like to feel fresh faced especially when you have a tan and feel like your glowing! That is the best!! I have been meaning to post my full face (like when going out or during the winter I always feel like I need more makeup. Is it just me?) but because I rarely go full out on the face paint these days, that will be some other day! I really love summer so much! I wish it would stay forever!! Or I need to move to a warm weather all year place! :)
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One: Mascara. Easy peasy. Have to have mascara. Also in waterproof for obvious reasons!
Two: Waterproof Eyeliner. I love this one from E.L.F. It is only two dollars and is super easy to apply and does not move until you wash it off!
Three:  Concealer. This M.A.C Pro Longwear concealer is amazing! It is a little heavy but it is very shear when applied and stays in place alllll day! Perfect for hot sweaty days.
Four: Mineral Foundation Powder. I love these mineral powders for build able lightweight coverage. And I can usually use the same color all year round because its not heavy like my usual liquid foundation.
Five: Blush/Bronzer. I am so glad I discovered this amazing M.A.C. product. It is a perfect blend of a blush and bronzer. More blush like but it has gold shimmery goodness swirled in there and its perfect!
Six: Eyebrow Pencil. This is technically an eyeliner but I used it once on my brows and fell in love. This color "coffee" matches my brows perfectly and no matter what, I ALWAYS define and fill in my eyebrows. Nothing dramatic, just subtly to make them look perfecto! And this pencil is only ONE dollar!! Holla!
Seven: Lippys. Of course everyone loves Baby Lips. I really do la la love these cutie pa tooties! They are so moisturizing and I love the subtle color.
Who has an amazing summery product they want to share? Let me know! I always need an excuse to buy more makeup! ;)
I know I should have posted pics of my lovely (eeek) face done up in its summer wear but during the week I NEVER wear makeup (unless going somewhere other than the grocery store) so that pic will have to wait until the weekend! Happy Wednesday! xoxo

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