Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Weaning | Part One


After 15 months of exclusively breastfeeding, Harper and I have officially started the weaning process...
I feel so extremely blessed to have had such an amazing breastfeeding experience from day one.  We never really had any problems, it was smooth sailing from day one which I know is extremely rare so I am very thankful.

I have made it to my goal to nurse for a year and now it has been 15 months and we are still going strong but at this point in her life, I feel like she just nurses out of habit more than the eating part of it. She eats everything you put in front of her, and drinks cows milk perfectly now. Shes pretty much a big girl ;) 
On Sunday I decided to only let her eat from me in the morning right after she wakes up and at night right before she goes to bed. I am going to try this for the whole week (which has been going great and she doesn't even seem to really want me at all which is a great sign). She also usually comes up to me throughout the day and leans her head into my chest or tries to pull my shirt down telling me she wants to eat but this week she hasn't done that once so maybe she fully ready to wean too...? In my head, I imagined this process to be hellish but it is going well so far.  Next week we will take out the morning feeding, and the week after that take out the night feeding.

I wasn't feeling sad about not nursing anymore until I just wrote this... All of a sudden I feel so emotional and bad for taking this away from her and both of us really. We have always been very attached (no pun intended lol) and I think BF'ing is a huge part of that so I am so scared she wont need me as much, or love me the same way. :( wahhh. I'm sad now.
I will update every week until we are completely done. I have so many concerns though, like what is going to happen to me if you know what I mean... Lol, help me someone who has already done this... 

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