Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hello October// weekend recap

I've been waiting for you October.
So many exciting things this month. My BFF from California Kate and her son Brady (Harper's future husband) are coming to town and we get to finally "meet" them!!!!! :) :) :) Also, pumpkin patch trips, concerts, lots of photo sessions booked, cooler weather, and of course Halloween, where you might just see the cutest Disney Princess grace your presence ;)
But first, a little weekend recap. It was a goodie.

Of course a little shopping and lunch to kick off the weekend is always essential. So we did just that and had a little fun before Mommy and Daddy headed out for the night. (Second Friday in a row. OMG. Is this really me? No judgies... I already feel like a bad Momma as it is.... #mommyguilt).
Guess what peeps, I officially feel like a human being/real person/not just a mom/cool kid.
Nick and I went to a BASSNECTAR show (watch this for a glimpse of the insanity/amazingness) and it was the best thing ever!!!! Confession, hours before I didn't want to go at all. I was having anxiety about going to a Dub step show where people are dancing crazy, drinking, maybe even doing some other stuff I don't even want to think about (eeek), needless to say I was a nervous wreck. I only wanted to go to make my man happy and do it for him because he always does so many things for me that I owe it to him, but I actually had the most amazing time ever. We drank a little, danced A LOT x100000, hung out with great friends and just had an incredible night. I have caught this fun bug now and I can't wait to go to another show with Nick. I love hanging out with him and I think it makes us both better parents being able to step away and have some fun. Happy parents, happy baby and vice versa. But lets not forget how much we missed our sweet babe, but we do feel at ease when we know she is just sleeping and in good hands with my parents.  Thank you Grandma and Grandpa ;)
Von Maur is the best department store with a kiddie area by the kid shoe section!! winning.

My big girl at Panera. Shes obsessed with taking the straws out of cups. crazy.
Headband | Ooh la la Bodysuit | Shorts (similar) | Sandals

Love this guy!!

Lazy bums. All day.
love those days. 

Daddy had to go back to work so we went to our local apple farm with the grandparents for a fun day because it was gorgeous outside and we could not stay inside and waste the day away. We had so much walking through this amazing nature walk with fun interactive features and a little play area complete with a big spiderweb thing that Harps was in love with and would not get off. She also ate so many apples I thought she was going to turn into an apple, but whatevs. She also accidentally stole an apple from one of the bags oops, sorry arbor day, we bought a bag though ;/ quick hands... 
my girl.

I'm putting together a apple day post with big camera pics but in true Taylor nature, its late. 

Also a weaning update and we're off to Harper's 15 month appointment in the morning so a little update on the main star!!
Love you all!!!!

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