Thursday, October 3, 2013

Thoughts on social networking, p.s. I love my Friends. A lot. :)

This will probably be a jumbled mess of random thoughts but these thoughts have been on my mind for awhile and I need to write them out...
Let me just start off by saying I LOVE x10000 this blogging, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, digital world so much. I have "met" so many amazing people through Instagram and blogging especially, that I consider to be some of my closest friends. To some it might sound crazy; how could you be "friends" with someone you don't even "know"? But to Me, I feel like I "know" you or parts of you, and somehow I have a connection with these "friends" through one main very important job we have, being a Mom. We have other very similar interests too such as baby fashions, momma fashions, crafting, eating, sharing deals, Target obsessions, blogging similarities, etc. It really is (for the most part) a wonderful world of these amazing ladies who all have some sort of friendship through sharing all these wonderful moments and things in our life, and somehow we all connect and are a part of each others life in a way. I don't know if others feel this way but I know I do. I'm constantly mentioning "one of my IG friends" to my family daily either because of a cute pic, advice or experience. (My boyfriend always jokes and says I'm being catfished but I think hes just maybe a little jealous that I talk to you guys more than him during the day... haha). 

Anyways... Lately I have been feeling a little down about things related to this world.
Sometimes I feel like we are in a popularity contest. Who has the cutest outfits on their kids? Who has the cutest outfit for themselves? Who has the most followers? Who has the most comments or likes? Why do some people follow some people and not others? I hate that I even have these feeling and thoughts sometimes but I am human and have very human and WOMAN emotions. I sometimes get down on myself about these very first world problems but when this community is a big part of your life and day its hard not to at times. I also take things very personal (too personal sometimes) and am hurt easily. I wonder why someone I thought was my IG "friend" who wrote sweet comments about Harper and vice versa would just suddenly disappear from my feed... I wondered if something happened to her, I was actually worried for her and her family because she was someone I thought was my friend, than to see her comment on another persons feed to realize she had a new account, which made me so relieved that she was back but than to feel rejected in a sense when she would not accept my follow... What did I do? Did I hurt her feelings? Did I say something? Did I not say enough? I was genuinely hurt and confused. May seem silly but its the truth... My sweet friend Danielle who I have also found through blogging and have watched her sweet girl grow up in a sense through IG unfollowed me the other day and I literally could have shed a tear. I also had the same questions in my head, like omg, what happened, but it was just a mistake and my heart was healed ;). (Love you girl!!!) I wonder why when I post certain pics on IG why some I gain a ton of followers, and why some I lose a ton... Does anyone else ever have these thoughts? Please tell me I'm not the only one.... :/ I will say I am very selective and follow and unfollow people a lot too so I do understand in a way. I check every account that follows me and if they look the slightest way creepy they get blocked. I understand I have a "public" blog and my IG is not private, but it makes me feel better so whatever, lol.

I feel a lot of pressure to have the latest and greatest, Pinterest worthy everything because of social media. I don't live in that world. I wish I did but its not my reality. My reality is that we live at my parents house. My boyfriend works extremely hard for me to be able to stay at home with Harper and so that I can work on my photography business so that someday I can contribute greatly financially. My kid is in her pj's or a diaper 75% of the time even though she HAD to have the newest gap shirt or headband or whatever. I'm sitting here writing this in my pj's, not showered, hair a disaster, in glasses that are taped together literally because Harps broke them a couple weeks ago and I don't want to spend our limited budget on new glasses when I'd rather spend that on something for her. That's my reality. And now my bagel is probably burnt because I'm trying to write this while Harper is napping and I totally forgot about it. Awesome. I also should be doing twenty other things like cleaning, taking a shower.. ha, doing things for my business, finish Harper's pumpkin, yada yada. but no I'm blogging my feelings because I need to get this off my chest. 

Back on the subject though, I just wanted to say home much I really do love this community and world and I appreciate every friendship I have been blessed with throughout these outlets!! I look forward to waking up and seeing all my favorite Momma's and babies everyday, reading my friends blogs, getting a glimpse into their life, and getting ideas and info on all the cutest newest stuff! I'M ADDICTED. ;)  I hope this doesn't offend anyone because that is NOT my meaning at all. I love seeing every one's fashions, projects, dinners, lives, EVERYTHING!!!! You inspire and motivate me everyday to go a little above and beyond and I want to thank everyone for that, truly!  
Sorry about this mess of thoughts but I just wanted to be real and share my anxieties, joy, love/hate, relationship about this amazing place I care about so much! Thanks for reading if you did... :)
"Too many people undervalue what they are, and overvalue what they're not."

Also, I switched my commenting to DISQUES because I wanted to be able to connect to everyone a little better. You can still use your google account to comment and we can see each others comments. I hate knowing if someone asks a question that they will not see a reply or know that I didn't love and appreciate every comment because I do. You all know how to make a girl feel like a true princess! Sorry had to add some cheese and pun intended for the theme of my blog duh. hahah 

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