Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Finally "meeting" my Bestie and Harps future Hubby ;)

Harps and I just had the best Sunday EVER!!!
Our friends from California, Kate & Brady came to visit!! They were in town for a wedding and we got to hangout with them for the whole day which was amazing!! Kate and I met through IG and became friends. Like really good friends. I consider her one of my best friends even though we had never "met". I also love Brady so much, luckily him and Harper are getting married one day so I can pretty much just call him my son in law now ;) Not. Even. Kidding. They just have to get married. haha
We took the babes to a pumpkin patch and it was the perfect day with my bestie and our little loves. I am so thankful to have met Kate and now to have really met her is just beyond!!!! I love her and B so much and well yep, just look at all the cuteness....
C'mon Harper.

Love them!!
Hold my hand B ;)

So in love with this pic of my sweet girl and Kate. Two pretty girls I just adore!!
DREAMBOAT !!!!! Sorry ladies, hes already taken!
She is the BEST momma to this sweet boy. Melt my heart.

B got a little dirty on the hay rack ride. hehe. silly boy!
No naps all day. They were such troopers but exhausted at this point.

I miss them both so much but hopefully we can make our way to them next year!!! xoxoxo

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