Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Camera R o l l. Just Harp's being the cutest ;)

Ello Friends.
Since we didn't do anything blog worthy this weekend, oh well we did go out (again, I know don't judge us but Harps was already in bed and my mom just had to monitor sit) but of course I took NO pics because I suck but whatevs. I'm just going to empty my iPhone camera roll on you. I've been so busy lately I feel like I cant breathe, which I think I said in my last post but its so true. And sometimes when I feel overwhelmed with so many things that need to be done it makes me not want to do any of it. Anyone else on that crazy train sometimes? Anyways here's the babe, who keeps me the busiest! ;)

This is kinda old but I think its so cute how she is always so proud to get on and off furniture now!
This is pretty much how we eat lunch everyday. She is not really a meal girl, more of a grab and go snacks all day long. 
Outside playing before it gets too cold.
The pumpkin patch!! I plan on posting all of our patch trip soon...
Harper's 2013 Halloween Pumpkin.
This poor pumpkin is already a gonner after miss crazy pulled the bow off and then the stem and now its rotted. booo.
Her favorite activity. Giving mommy heart attacks. :/
Juicy jackets and headwraps oh my!! Crew & Lu Headwrap
Playing basketball with her friends! hehe
and yup, now we need a wagon.
more playing. I miss you already sweet warmth...
Just a little Target lipstick shopping!
Sorry momma, I squeezed the pouch all over myself and the couch! :0
We are officially in the Halloween spirit. 

See, she does have hair! and cutsie curls!!
Already freezing!
J O Y. hehe. this face!!
She now gets her own drink. Ok just milk but don't tell her that.
Loving this bath tablets. More on those when I post a huge love list this week.
I love our mornings together where we sit on this couch and wake up!
And her willing hugs. I melt into a million pieces!
Quesadillas again Mom, OK!
Whoever thought of putting a kiddie area in the kids shoes is a genius! 
A pic with my mini!
I wish you could hear the noise that goes with this face. It's the cutest OooOoOhhhhhH. I DIE!

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