Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Thinking Pink, and Valentine's Day headbands!

Who's excited for Valentines Day!!! Mee Mee Mee!
OK, only for the fact of I love dressing Harper up in all these adorable holiday outfits and accessories. And I have a very special gift for Nicholas but I can't go into detail because he has been reading lately, Hi Babe!! ;)
I actually have been really good about keeping one of my resolutions about not spending unnecessary money (well that and January is a slow month for me... come on clients, don't be shy, its only a little cold!) and I haven't been shopping. I have went on a little Etsy spree thanks to a gift card from my sis but that doesn't really count! ;) This valentines day Harps will only be decked out in appropriate attire that we already own. Well, as of now!  I have already bought a few cute vday headbands so I thought I would spotlight one over the next couple days! Today's headband is from Pretty Little Elm

Hope you enjoyed the Harper bomb!!!!

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