Tuesday, January 7, 2014

18 Month Update

18 Months.... How did this happen?? Time, you are a B; sometimes.
How can I already have a one and a half year old. I am in denial. :( 
I am totally loving this age though! I feel that way about every age and stage but she truly is so fun right now. 
Here is a little breakdown of miss Harper!

18 Months
23 pounds
32" long
19" head circumference

Well miss H, you have decided recently that you do not like food... Like, Nothing! The only thing you have eaten in the past month is fruit leathers, yogurt, and maybe some gold fish or crackers. You still drink about 3 cups of whole milk a day and water in between. You LOVE your milk! But, just in the last couple days you have been eating so good again. You are in love with waffles and raspberries at the moment and you love to get on your step stool and watch your waffle in the toaster oven. ;) You still are not a fan of meats and veggies but we will be working on that. Oh, how could I forget your sushi love. You are kind of obsessed with your sushi rolls and can eat a whole roll in one setting.
cup stealer
first time trying queso. She loved it!
girl loves her crab special rolls ;)
dinner dates with Daddy our  are favs!

Lately you have really been testing the waters, (i.e. my patience.) You are not a fan of getting scolded. You put your hands over your eyes put your head down, it breaks my heart but I do want you to learn discipline so I'm sorry boogs. You already throw tantrums and when you are really mad you will find the closest object to throw around. omg. Drama!!! BUT, you are soooo sweet! You give random hugs and kisses daily, and you constantly are saying HI, HI, HI, in the sweetest little voice. I like to think of you as a sour patch kid right now; sour than sweet. LOL. You have major stranger danger issues. Example, your poor uncle Todd who has known you since birth, you are so scared of him. Every time you see him you start crying and freaking out even though he talks so sweet to you and tries to play with you and of course on the last day of our visits you warm up to him. I hope you grow out of this soon because the meltdowns are redic. You are a very good girl though (for the most part) and I am so proud of you!!
running from the camera
the only way she will sit still at Target is with cookies and milk from Starbucks

Your sleeping is all over the place again... You were doing so good with sleeping through the night in your crib and than we lost the baby monitor and mommy kind of messed up your sleeping by going to get you from your bed around midnight every night so you could come sleep with me. (I don't like not seeing you at night.) You are having weird nights where I put you down for bed and you are up screaming and crying an hour later and you don't stop so someone gets you out and than you are up until midnight and I pretty much have to hold you down to fall asleep. Its exhausting... It is kind of nice that we have been sleeping in until 9 or 10 though! Last night you were so funny. You would not lay down so I turned over and tried to ignore you because sometimes that does the trick but you kept coming over to me and putting your face on mine and saying, "HI!" over and over again. It was so funny and cute but I was pretending to be asleep so I was just giggling to myself and eventually I just couldn't keep my laughing in so I just gave in and kept saying night night, night night, and you would say NO, NO, NO! haha. You are so funny. You do take one great nap a day though that I am very thankful for. Good job baby!! ;) Now lets work on that night time sleeping!
night night selfies
sorry for the flash Harpie

Let's just start by saying your favorite word is NO! You say it for almost every question good or bad. It makes us laugh though because its pretty cute! You have different ways you say it too. You still love your "babies" (her lovey's) so much. They are always around and it gives me anxiety when I cant find them because you have to have both at all times. You still also love your paci at bed time and nap time but we need to start saying bye bye to it. (I refuse to let you be a talking two year old with a paci in her mouth.) You love your baby dolls and all your princess babies. You are such a girly girl! You love purses, shoes, jewelery, makeup and clothes. You love taking baths but not so much the getting out part. You love going outside no matter what the temp.. Brr. And of course you love your grandparents and your cousin Tenley and aunt Tera. You also love books, but you mostly just like to point to the pictures and I tell you what it is. You also love "helping" in the kitchen. You stand on the step stool and help grandma wash dishes or cook. 
You do not like being told no. You only want to eat what YOU want to eat. You don't like bedtime. And the worst one lately is you do not like it when I try to take your picture. ahh! I really cant think of any other dislikes because you pretty much get whatever you want... spoiled!
her "twins" are always in tow
she loves these talking dolls. Mama, not so much...
she doesn't care what the temp, she wants outside!
toys everywhere!!
she LOVES her Disney junior
hahah.... um, Harper, what is going on here?! 
her new favorite spot. su chef
I love you so much my Harper girl!! You are still the prettiest little girl I have ever seen and I love you more than anything in the world. You are still my BFF and I love watching you grow up! Love you boogies!!

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