Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2 0 1 4

Happy  2 0 1 4 !!!!!!!
I am so excited about this year. I already have a feeling it will be an amazing one.
A few great things I KNOW are happening...
My childhood best friend is getting married and I have the honor of being her maid of honor.
My Sister is getting married and she better put me in her wedding (haha.)
One of my besties is also getting married and I get to be her personal attendant on her big day!
ps- when do I get to add in my wedding Nicholas??? ;)
Harper turning 2. omg, cryfest already.
Some sweet babies being born that I can't wait to snuggle!
My sweet niece Tenley Grace turning 1. again, cryfest....
and growing my business and taking over the world. :) :) :)

2014 Resolutions/Goals
(in no particular order)

Live a healthier lifestyle. Eat better, try to workout/be more active.
Move into our own home.
Spend more quality family time together. (disconnect from social media in these times)
Take better care of myself. Wash my face 2x a day with clarisonic. Paint my nails more. Put on makeup and real clothes daily! Feel Pretty.
Save money, like really save. No more stupid spending.
Cook more for my family, and cook healthy.
Learn how to say no, and put myself and my family first (in business situations)
Stick with my photography 365 projects going and do not give up or skip days!! 
Be more patient with Harper. And Nick I guess ;)
Be in the picture with Harper more.

I feel like I had more in my head but I will add if I think about it.
I hope you all have a blessed New Year!!!

New Year, New- Dreams, Journey's, Smiles, Memories, Hope's, etc. xoxoxoxo

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