Friday, April 11, 2014

Five on Friday

Hello sweet friends! Friday already, again? I hope everyone had an amazing week. 
I haven't posted much this week because we have been busy bees having fun at the zoo, enjoying the spring weather, and ok also being just a little lazy, I can't lie to you ;) I have just had a lot of mixed emotions this week so yeah, read b e l o w...

We made a trip to the zoo this week and it was so much fun, and so exhausting. LOL. Note to self; do not take H to the zoo during her nap time. She was so not interested in the animals or attractions. She just wanted to walk around eat snacks. Oh well, we still had a good time just being together and getting out of the house and into the sunshine! H really was super interested in the carousel so when I asked her if she wanted to ride it she was quick to say "uh-huh" (her yes) so we picked out our animal and as soon I put her on it she was already freaking out but it was a little too late so I just went with it and as soon as the horse started moving she was in between a smile and a wtf? I should have known my little drama queen would have been all over the place but she actually did have fun on it and as soon as it stopped she was mad again.. wah. So of course when I try to take a pic at the end, she's upset. Oh the memories right?!? Also, she was not into taking pics with mommy but of course I got the cutest shots of her and daddy. So not fair :( #bitter  It was still a great family day and I can't wait to get a zoo pass for the summer this year so we can go all the time!

On Sunday I shot my promo's for my Easter mini sessions and it was so much fun. I had some adorable models and of course my little babe and we had a great tea party! The weather wasn't the best, but we made the best of it and I love how it turned out. Harper has been especially hard to photograph lately and she was sooo into the tea party and cupcakes that she actually sat there and gave me the sweetest shots. I just love her to pieces! I'm just going to be honest here (because not everything in life is all glitter and gold) and say that this mini session hasn't had the greatest turn out, and I am a heart broken mess because I put so much time, money, and effort into planning this shoot. I have been a stressed mess this week but luckily my family and friends are really pulling me through this little bump in my photography road, and I am so grateful. 
This photo of my angel makes it all worth it :)

Yesterday my bestie Sara asked Harps and I to go for a walk around a local lake and it was just what I needed. The girls enjoyed a little snack that Sara brought and we of course had girl talk, business talk, and some "life" talk. I hope we can turn this into a weekly occurrence because it was a great little pick me up and of course a good (3.5 mile walk) never hurt nobody!!

For some reason Harper has been extra silly and cute this week! She keeps smiling so big at me and laughing so hard at little things throughout the day and those giggles just light up my world! Her favorite song right now is that blue ribbon bunny song from Sofia the first and I sing that to her occasionally during the day and she just thinks its the funniest thing ever. Of course she makes me feel like I am just oh so cool, so thanks for the song Disney! This is a small thing, but a small thing in my life that is just so huge. Momma's I'm sure you can understand. <3

And last but not least the CUTEST shorts I have ever seen!!! I cannot wait to get my hands on these little beauties! Floral, and pom poms. Stop it right now!! You can get these (pre-order right now on IG @foiclothing) and so many other amazing tops, jewelry, clutches, and so much more at Foi Clothing.

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