Wednesday, April 16, 2014

It's The Little Things; {Bath time fun!}

Yesterday Harper had a bath for the fun record books! She was so excited to pick out her colored water tablets and go "swimming"! We filled the tub with all of her bath toys and added a few extras surprises with some plastic Easter eggs. (Thank you Megan for the great idea!) They were a hit! She literally thought she was having a pool party ;) She would also not stop drinking egg-bath water cocktails no matter how many times I told her that was icky... :/ I am so glad I decided to pick up my big girl camera and get some great shots of her fun time. One thing I am trying to do more is take photos of her just being her. Not so posed and "cheese" you know what I mean right!? These are now some of my favorite pictures so I am happy I captured a fun part of our day together! 
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