Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

Happy (belated) Easter!!! 
We had a very relaxing low key Easter this year. So low key that we didn't even get out of pajamas. :/ Yup, total church fail and we feel terrible but the last few years at our church it has been an absolute mess trying to go to mass on Easter Sunday. I could rant about that for days but I won't bore you with those stories. H started her day by finding her basket that the Easter bunny left. She was super excited and for her little treats. Her basket was also pretty low key compared to last years craziness but she was perfectly happy with her Minnie mouse pen, Cinderella bracelet, some candy, and crazy straws. Lets not forget about her new moccs from the Freshly Picked bunny but more on those tomorrow. After finding all her goodies she took out all the grass but did not like it on her feet so she had a little freak out and fell running with the grass stuck to her feet. Oops, she was fine ;) 

Grandpa also got her a water table for Easter so we went outside and played with that pretty much all day and it was perfect! Daddy had to work so we were missing him and waiting for him to get home all day. That water table is the most amazing toy ever!!! Gosh what did we do without one?? I literally had to peel her away from it after a few hours so she could go take a nap. (She was not happy. I know mean Mommy...) They (the g-parents) got it at Costco and I can't find it anywhere online but there are so many similar here and here. We were already out there today for awhile so I know we will basically be living outside by that thing all summer. Its perfectly placed under the deck so we are shaded but luckily this one does come with an umbrella so I am already planning on laying out this summer while H plays! Win win!!

After Harps took a much needed nap we colored some Easter eggs! It was H's first time so we weren't sure how it would go but it was so much fun. She loved dipping all the eggs in the colors and taking them in and out of the cups 500 times but it was so fun to watch. I think her hands were just as dyed as the eggs but it was so worth the mess! She was actually so mad when all the eggs were colored that she took one and chucked it across the kitchen. It was one of those "can't stop laughing but really shouldn't be laughing" moments. Haaaa. Yup, she's almost two!! She than arranged the eggs in the cartoon a few dozen times and we finally went back outside and enjoyed the rest of the beautiful evening with Daddy. It was a great Easter and I hope everyone else had a wonderful day!!

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