Friday, July 25, 2014

Five on Friday

Well apparently the "5 on Friday" linkup is on a summer vacation and I had no idea... Eeek! So embarrassed. But I already wrote the post so lets just pretend I'm not a dummy, Ok? Ok, thanks, love ya. XO

Hello Friday! You rock!! Friday's just seem so chill to me for some reason. They are usually an errand play kind of day for us because Daddy is still home from his "weekend" and we have a family day of sorts. I haven't done a 5 on Friday post in awhile so lets jump on in ;)

We've been trying to have as much summer fun as possible! This summer has been extra fun because Harper finally gets to enjoy doing all fun things like going to the pool, snow cones, going to the park daily, and lots of outside time. We know that our warm sunny weather won't last forever so we really try to make the most of these few short months. I can't believe it is almost August already but we still have sooo much more in store for us!

NERD ALERT! I got new glasses, haha! OK, I have had glasses since I was 7 years old and I wear contacts 90% of the time but I finally got NEW glasses and I love them! My ones before had been destroyed by a certain little girl we all know (wink) and were literally being held together with tape that I would have to doctor up weekly. Not a good look. But, thanks to America's Best I could get two pairs of glasses for 62$! Amazing right?!? You do have to join the eye care club I think which is 100$  for free exams for 3 years which is another amazing deal, so amazing that my whole entire family has joined and we all have new glasses and contacts, woo hoo! Exciting stuff right?! hehe. Funny thing is my mom and I actually both picked out the exact same pairs, so were complete twins and its funny, and weird. LOL.

I finally joined the cool club and tried Jamberry Nails. If you haven't heard of them they are little nail sticker things that last a really long time. I've had this decorative one on for over a week now and they are still going strong. I do have to stay they are kind of annoying to put on but I guess the time it takes to paint and dry your nails completely would be about the same as applying these so I guess its worth it. If you would like to order contact Alex!

I'm pretty much smitten with my new Freshly Picked carryall and Harps matching moccs!! My Dad so generously bought these little amazing prezzies for us. Actually he originally ordered the butterscotch moccs and the matching bag but FP was having some issues so I picked this color instead and they also sent Harps this matching pair along with the pair my Dad had ordered for the problems. They really are the best company out there and we can not thank them enough!! This really is an exquisite bag and I am obsessed with it. Thanks Daddy!!

I recently shot some awesome new arrivals over at Foi and they are some amazing summer pieces! Tons of new rompers, dresses, flirty tops,  and they have the "Vogue" tees in a blush color which is so cute! Go check them out before they are gone!! :)

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!! XO

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