Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Trendy Littles Tuesday// Red, White, & Blue

Happy 4th of July, week! ;) I love this time of year. It reminds me of of course our amazing country that I love so, friends, family, and a hella good time! (I don't know where that "hella" came from but it sounds hip right?! HA!! I actually have to tell you that when I was little I was petrified of fireworks. It wasn't them actually, it was the BOOM. I had really sensitive ears back in the day from tons of tube surgeries and I must have just been a major baby because I remember sitting in my parents truck while everyone was sitting on the bed of it enjoying the show while I was plugging my ears crying... I think I am scarred from them actually because loud noises like that still kinda freak me out but don't worry I've grown up and I can't wait for Harper to hopefully see some this year. We have plans with family so it should be a great time. Of course I've already planned two outfits for the day, one for the day and one for our evening activities :)

Embroidered Dress Silver Sandals Striped Dress Flag Tee Jean Shorts Star Dress Glitter Sandals Chambray Romper Star Bikini

March, march, march.

"Mwam stwop!"
Ok, Mommy's sorry :/ Always a little drama, hehe.

Thank you so much for all the supportive words on my last post. Wow, you guys really lifted me up and I am forever grateful. So much love to you sweet ladies. I truly appreciate them. xoxo

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