Thursday, September 25, 2014


If you follow me on Instagram (xotaylorwintle) you probably know that Harper has started dance class! It is my all time favorite day of the week for many obvious reasons and also because she absolutely adores dance! She has been going for a little over a month now and every week she can't wait to put her tutu on and go see her friends and Chasse! The class she is attending is ages 18 months-3 years old and she is one of the oldest in the class. She follows along and listens to the teacher so well, I am so proud!! She also cheers on her fellow dancers every time they do something and that just melts my heart to see her being so kind. Its only a 45 minute class but it is the perfect amount of time for her to dance her little heart out and I get to relax and talk to the other mommas for a little bit. I am so happy she loves it so much because she pretty much HAS to be a dancer because my Sister owns a dance studio in Texas and has obviously been a great dancer her whole life, so I really hope Harper follows in her footsteps. :) It also is a perk when your aunt sends you adorable dance outfits and can teach you fun stuff on the side ;) I have had tons of questions about where I get Harper's leotards and skirts so I will link them all below the pictures! 
I can't wait for her first recital this summer and to see her shine because she is my little star!!!

Popatu Tutu Dress (similar) 

Capezio Ivory Sparkle Tutu// Leotard

Capezio Pink Leotard// Capezio Pink Sparkle Skirt// Freshly Picked Moccs c/o

This outfit is all from a brand called Reflectionz and it is a wholesale brand so I can't find anything online :(

Same with this gorgeous black lace skirt :(

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