Monday, September 29, 2014

Weekend Recap

Hmmm. I'm feeling a little bored (ha, funny coming from me right now) with writing only "weekend recaps" lately so my goal for the week is to blog everyday. Who wants to start taking bets that will actually happen!? Challenge accepted! ;) In all honesty; I have been so incredibly busy with photo stuff and finding the right balance between mom, business owner, housekeeper, chef, personal time, good girlfriend, and everything in between that I feel like I'm drowning a bit... I know everyone is busy and I know I CAN do it all, I just need to manage my time a little better I think. Anyways... Our weekend was chill but chill usually means me working on my computer like a mad woman and then trying to catch good quality time with my little fam. We house and babysat for a good friend this weekend so we were kinda cooped up for a few days but Harps had a blast playing with some older kids so she had fun. We finished up the weekend with some retail therapy at gap (hey 40% off entire purchase sale) and Lululemon for momma! I deserve it; I think, haha. This week starts my marathon of fall mini sessions so pray for no rain and gorgeous sunny days! Have a fab week!!

She was fast asleep at 7 p.m. Sunday night :)

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