Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Trendy Littles Tuesday// Stylish Sweats

Now that fall is here, all I can think about is comfy cozy outfits like sweaters, scarves, and of course, sweatpants!!!! I am so happy that sweats are actually a trend right now and acceptable to wear in public and does not make you look like a total slob. Example 1Example 2, Example 3, you get the idea. I have become obsessed with this trend because well, does it really need an explanation?! 
I have been buying harps tons of these skinny ankle sweats lately and I just love them for casual days and especially school days so she is comfortable. And now with all these adorable styles and prints; I am REALLY in love with this trend. If anyone wants to buy Harps any gifts, you know just because, she'll take THESE gems in a 2T!!! Major heart eyesssssss ;) ;) ;)

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