Monday, October 13, 2014

Lately in Pictures

October is no joke for us. It has been go go go and I feel like I can't keep up so instead of rambling on with our weekend I will just empty my camera roll on here! I hope you all had a great weekend and have a wonderful week!

Fall has been SO good. :)
She's too cool. ;)
Pom Hat// Flannel Shirt// Skinny Jeans// Boots (similar)// 

She's so silly!  

Off to dance!

The cutest pumpkin ever!
Pumpkin Tee

I was doing stuff around the house and came back to her already sleeping! I love when she does this because she rarely falls asleep on her own. Its usually a battle, eek!
I didn't see my girl all day on Friday because I shot a wedding so Daddy sent me pics all day and she was spoiled with happy meals and lots of Daddy time!

My gorge dinner date!!
And then she passed out on me! I'm wondering if I should start cutting naps so she will go to bed at a normal time... 

My poor baby got her first (and hopefully one and only) black eye yesterday :( She jumped off the couch and bounced right into the coffee table. I felt terrible but of course it barely even phased her. Can I please put her in a bubble!?
Best gram ever! She brings Harper to play at the same park I am shooting at! So thankful for her!!

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