Monday, November 3, 2014

Dallas Trip + Halloween 2014

I promise I still love my blog and blogging. I just cannot keep up with my life and I also need me time consisting of sitting down and watching trash shows so yeah that's taken over whenever I am free. ;) 
So.... Lately.
We were out of town for almost a whole week for my sis's wedding and it was a blast! The wedding was freaking perfect and I am so happy I got to stand next to her while she married her best friend. Harper and my niece Tenley were the prettiest little flower girls and Harps ran all the way down the aisle and then stood next to me during the ceremony and at the very end dumped the basket of flowers haha. It was pretty cute. We all had such a great time celebrating and Nick and I even got to have a baby free night at a hotel, woo hoo! We were def on vacay but we missed our babe! Harper and Tenley absolutely adore each other and they really are best friends. Tenley walks around saying "Harper, Harper" 24/7 and Harper loves saying, "Tenley so happy to see me!" Gah. I wish I could have video'd the whole trip of them! Cant wait to be back for Thanksgiving!

Halloween didn't go as I planned, well, costume wise anyways. I ordered Harps the cutest LaLaLoopsy doll costume with a pink wig! Yup I was pumped but as soon as it came she HATED it. She was freaked out by the wig and kept saying it was gonna hurt so I had to scratch that idea and just go with what she wanted. (Duh, trust me I felt like the worst mom when I didn't just let her have her choice.) So we went with a princess for dance class and Minnie for Halloween. Both were a hit with her which is all that really matters! As long as my angel is happy, I'm happy! We went to a fun indoor church Halloween event and got lots of candy and played with our besties Traegan and his momma! She loved her Minnie costume so much, she wore it the next day too! Oh Harps.

Now that crazy photographer month October is over, I am slowing down a bit but still editing every day and night and now getting ready for holiday minis which are coming up next week. I love this time of year and I am looking forward to the next few months of family and fun and holidays woooo!

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