Monday, November 10, 2014

Weekend Recap

Well November, you have been a gem. A very busy one thus far but I am loving you! 
Today is our first "snow day". We woke up to just a light covering but the roads are super icy so we are staying home today which is exactly what I need! This weekend I shot a wedding and had shoots all day Sunday too so I am a little burn't out and I was missing my baby tremendously. It is so hard to be away working especially when it is for over 12 hours but I know it is for good reasons like making her (and ours) the best that it can be! She also has come down with a little wintery cold; Cough, running nose, ear tugs, all of it, but she is in pretty good spirits so its nothing major. Just more snuggles at night and a lot of "Mama" calling :( I am going to play and spend every second with my baby today because I can tell she needs it. So, thank you snow day for giving me a little free day for my girl and I!

I love Harps new pink Hunter Boots! The color is even better in person.

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