Friday, November 2, 2012

Today I am thankful for social networking!

I am so excited about this "blogging" journey even though I have no idea what I'm doing!
From AIM, Xanga, Myspace to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram; I've always been into social networking! (LOL. Who remembers those oldies.) Its a love hate relationship though, as I'm sure others could agree! No one cares what gas station you're at or you're duck face mirror picture (which I am guilty of too, but at age 15! Not 25!) EEK! But all in all I love sharing pictures of Harper; even if it drives all of my non parent Facebook friends crazy. Unfriend me please! And I love the entertainment of some peoples status updates and overshares.. Yikes..
But, I especially love instagram where I can do my favorite things; post adorable pics of my Boo all day long and no one can complain, stalk celebs, and my new fav., connect with other Mom's with beautiful kids! I feel like my Mom followers and Mom's I follow are almost like my friends because we have something in common that my friends in real life can never understand until they become Mom's. I hope that doesnt sound weird, but I only personally know a handful of ladies my own age that have kids that I can relate too. So seeing women from all over the country with similar things going on as me makes me feel not so alone in my motherhood journey! In conclusion: I love my IG friends! ;) Lol.
And also thank you other mommy blogger's for sharing your stories, advice, pictures, and adventures. You all inspire me, teach me, and make me smile everyday! I hope to connect with many more through this blog!

Harper and her friends! Bella & Lucy.


  1. I'm a new blogger as well for the exact reasons you are :) Your little one is precious! Come on over to my blog and check it out! I'd love to have you join my site!


  2. You have an adorable little family! Harper is such a little cutie! Excited to read more from you! :)