Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sweet Dreams are made of these... Sometimes

So i've been trying to write this post for 2 days now, but baby girl had other plans. She has decided she doesnt take naps anymore... Where did my good daytime sleeper go? This has led me to a very cranky mom and baby. I'm hoping this is just a phase and will pass soon! So since miss Harper will not nap I decided to put together a collage of what I think helps her sleep. (Except for this week.)
1. Angel Dear Blankie- We call this Harper's "baby." She loves cuddling with this at naptime and at night. It's super soft and cuddly and of course its super cute! We have the pink giraffee, but they have other animals and colors.

2. Summer Infant Princess Tub- I put this bath tub on my Target registry because I thought it was cute and becasue of the princess theme (duh!) but its kind of a pain in my butt! It worked out great when Harper was a newborn. She fit in the insert just right, but now that she moves and wiggles, the insert almost tips over! She's too big to fit on the insert now but cant sit on her own in the tub part. She usually gets a bath every other night.

3. MAM newborn pacifiers- I love these pacifiers! They are the only ones that will stay in Harper's mouth and they are super cute! She is 4.5 months old but she is still using the newborn size and 0-6 month size. We have about 6 all over the house and in the diaper bag just in case.

4. Ciroc Sleepers- I have found that I love footed pajamas the most for night time. Especially these from Target because they have a zipper up the front instead of 20 annoying snaps. So so easy! Also Harper hates having blankets on her so they keep her warm enough and they always come in super cute prints and colors.

5. Johnson's Bedtime Bath- I always use this for nighttime baths because I think the lavendar scent really helps. (or maybe its just in my head. Whatever.) I also love Johnson's because it has been around for millions of years and Harper has never had any issues with it so its a keeper!

6. Johnson's Bedtime Lotion- This lotion goes perfectly with the bedtime wash and I swear it really does work! lol On the nights I dont give her a bath, she still gets a bedtime lotion massage. I love a good smellin sleepy baby!

I love Mom reviews on products so hopefully this will help someone out there!

Sweet girl ready for bed!

Cuddling with her "baby"

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