Monday, March 25, 2013

Welcome to the world Tenley Grace!!

Tenley Grace
6 pounds 2 ounces 18.5 inches
Perfect Baby Girl!

I have never seen so much hair on a baby! She is gorgeous!!

This little girl sure did make a grand appearance.
Her Mommy was on bed rest since 25 weeks.
She then made it to almost 39 weeks then had to be induced due to low amniotic fluid.
Then had to be rushed into an emergency c-section because of placenta previa.
Both Mommy and Tenley and Daddy are healthy and perfect. I am so proud of my Sister for going through everything she went through and still being so positive and amazing. She is THE best Momma and I am so over joyed for her new family. I am so happy that we get to share this "Mommy Time" in our life together!!

Soooo... Harper, My Mom, and Myself made a emergency trip to Texas after my Sis told us she was being induced. She literally called us at 10 a.m. and we were packed and on the road by noon. Both my Mom and I had to rearrange our schedules for the week so we could be with my Sister in this special time! But we made it work and we hopped in the car with Harper and made the ten hour drive pretty easily. Harper was pretty good in the car. She didn't sleep much and we would have to take turns sitting in the back with her so she wouldn't scream the whole time. 
We had such an amazing time meeting Tenley and being with my Sister and family and friends. We spent most of our time in the hospital and it was exhausting but so worth it. Harper was such a good girl the whole week (but then again shes always a good girl). She is crawling and standing up everywhere which made it difficult to be cooped up in a hospital room for most of the days but she was amazing, thank you god! The weather was ahhh mazing! 70's and 80's everyday for a week! I even had to go buy some sandals at Target.
Harper loves her new cousin. She looks at her and smiles! Heart Melter!! I cant wait for them to be best friends and to watch them grow up together.
I feel like I am leaving out so many things from our trip but it was a whirlwind! One day everything was fine and dandy, the next day we are in Texas holding our sweet Tenley! We miss them so much but we already have our next trip planned in April! Yay! 

I was also suppose to graduate last Saturday but because of this trip my date got pushed back to this Friday. I cant believe this is my last week of school and I will be done!!!! I am so proud of myself and I cant wait for life to return to somewhat normal. Being with Harper all day again, doing laundry on a regular basis, blogging  more, and Nick got a new job so hopefully some more shopping ;) 

Harper has become a crazy mobile baby in the last week.
She went from trying to stand up to pulling up on everything and literally crawling so fast I don't think shes even on the ground! I really think she will be walking very soon. She also has a new thing where if people are talking she decides she needs to talk too... extremely loud!!! And then if we stop and ask her what story shes telling she just stops and smiles! She is crazy! She is nine months old as of yesterday. I cant believe shes almost one. I swear I just had her!!! 
I hope you all have a great week. I cant wait for Easter next Sunday!!!
Now for a picture flood...

Road trippin and cuttin teeth. (She cut her second tooth on the drive home)
Waiting for Tenley!
She wont sit still and shes into everything!

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Meeting Miss Tenley. Grandma's Girls!

Outtakes from Big Cousin Little Cousin pictures!
Why are you crying Tenley? You have to get use to matching outfits and photo shoots in this family!


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