Monday, March 11, 2013

Hi Momma + Mini Swimwear.

I know this post is a little premature but Nebraska just went from the temp being in the 50's to the next day, SNOWSTORM. What.The.Hell? I am so over the cold, snow, wind, dry skin, coats, everything cold. 
I am ready for spring + summer. I cant wait for summer this year because last year Harper was just an itty bitty peanut and we didn't get out much so I was cooped up at home dreaming of bikinis and tan skin. I have been Casper's twin sister since like 2011. She is getting the boot this year. Harper and I will hopefully be at the pool or at least outside everyday and I can not wait. Bring on the sunshine, hot days, sunglasses, tan lines, smell of sunscreen and oil, sandals, and top knots all day every day. 
Last year I didn't purchase any swimwear or any clothes at all for that matter because I was preggo and then newly post partum so there was just no use for new swimsuits. This year I plan on buying a nice swimsuit for myself because I am very proud of my post partum body and I deserve the splurge. And it might motivate me to maybe start eating a little healthier and get in better shape. I need some tone back on my body instead of this rail thin 12 year old look... but I am just be grateful that I lost all my baby weight and then some!
Who else is ready for summer?

And of course who doesn't love a baby in a swimsuit? I am obsessed. The only time in your life that it is absolutely adorable to be a chunky monkey, roley poley and wear a bikini and spandex and look delicious!!!

If you are a baby girl swimwear addict like me, you have to check out Kate Mack. Literally THE cutest baby swimsuits I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am blown away over how scrumptious these are! GO GO GO for cuteness overload!

hi most adorable swimsuit model you ever did see.

Also, I know not everyone thinks baby girls are cute in baby bikini's and they think it is "inappropriate" but if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all! Thank You! :)


  1. Omg how is it possible I wasn't following you?!! I totally thought I was! Well I am officially now added - I need to make button, too!!

    Oh - and I have a baby swimsuit obsession!!! Those are adorable!!

    1. Yes love make a button so I can add it to my favorite blogs!

  2. Little girls bathing suit is to die for, how cute is she!!

  3. Oh my, the bathing suits galore! I am in love. I snagged your button little mama :) And thanks for favoriting us too :)

    1. I love swimsuits! And thank you for putting my button on your blog!! We love you guys!! :)

  4. Hello Taylor! I'm a new follower- found you via New Baby Keigan. You're blog is beautiful and your Harper is absolutely gorgeous! Look forward to following you :)