Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Favorite {Daily} Hair Products

Happy Wednesday Friends! 
I've been thinking of expanding my blog to more than just baby related things. My main focus of my blog is still our lives and of course Harper but I love seeing other posts about fashion and beauty especially from other Moms. I love beauty and fashion so I am expanding my blogging horizon today! 
In honor of me graduating hair school my first post is about my favorite everyday hair products. I feel like I know a lot about hair (I hope after all this time and money) and I feel like I've tried a lot of products and brands. But as any woman I have my favorites. 
First off I just want to make a quick note about buying "professional" products (i.e. Redken, Matrix, Big Sexy Hair, Aveda) at places other (i.e. Target, Walmart, grocery stores) than professional salons or retailers. They are a fake! What I mean by that is places like Walmart and Target buy "Redken" products on pretty much the black market of professional hair products. The formula of the products they buy is not guaranteed, meaning they could have watered down the product or used something else in the bottle instead of the true product... Now I don't know all the details about this craziness but I guess what I am trying to say is do not buy professional products from anywhere other than a salon! 
Another thing, I highly recommend using professional products rather than drugstore products. I mean don't get me wrong, when I run out of my 35 dollars a bottle shampoo I sometimes have to run to Target and buy a sample of Pantene for the day but in the long run, professional products are just so much better for keeping your hair beautiful! You might think I am being snobby about hair products but they are just not made with good ingredients for your hair and they are just filled with wax and crap. They are pretty much the fast food of hair care. Professional products might cost you more money up front rather than drugstore finds but professional products last a hell of a lot longer and are actually good for your hair! But with that being said, I absolutely love Loreal Elnett Hairspray so now I just sound like a hypocrite! >:
Now on to the goodies, sorry for my rant I just want everyone to reach their beautiful hair potential!! ;)

These are my go to hair products at the moment. I go through this routine about every three days. I have super straight hair that is thin but I have a lot of it. 
I know every hair type is different but these products are very universal and will work for everyone.
Sorry this is a little out of order.
Wash with shampoo & conditioner, apply Aerate to the roots, apply Moroccanoil to ends of hair working your way up (try not to get it on your scalp area), style, sprinkle a little dust it, and spray with Superfine hairspray as desired!
Oribe Signature Shampoo & Conditioner: If you are not familiar with Oribe, get acquainted! It is THE most amazing line I have ever seen and used. It is definitely a luxury line because it is a little bit on the pricier side but so worth every dollar. I love this shampoo and conditioner because it is formulated without parabens or sodium chloride and is color. It also has a UV protection for your hair and has the most heavenly scent. Actually the whole line has the same smell which is very unique to one line. I could go on and on about Oribe but ill just let you read about it. ;)
Redken Aerate 08: This is a cream-mousse and it is awesome. It gives you amazing body and volume without leaving that sticky, producty feel. (I hate that feeling). It is a creamy texture and it also has a really pretty shimmer to it.
Moroccanoil: This really is worth the money and the hype. I haven't found another oil based product as good as  the original Moroccanoil. It can be used in either wet or dry. It is so conditioning and leaves your hair feeling silky smooth but not greasy.
Scwarzkopf Osis Dust It: I love this texturizer! I don't use this everyday though because I am not a fan of my hair feeling like it has product in it, and this totally makes your hair feel gritty and dirty but it also has amazing benefits like great for teazing your hair or even just sprinkled on your finished look to add some great texture and a slight hold. Amazing for second or third day hair! I have also been using the same bottle of this for almost two years now so it is totally worth the money. 
Oribe Superfine Hair Spray: I have never used a better hairspray!!! Once again I am just totally in love with this line! I guess the saying is true because you truly pay for what you get with Oribe. This hairspray is the perfect fine mist and both a working spray and a finishing spray. It also has the same heavenly sent as the shampoo and conditioner so your hair will smell amazing all day long! They actually call it hair perfume because it is so awesome!

I would love to know your favorite hair products as well! I love trying new things and learning about different lines. Also, let me know if you try any of these products! xoxo T


  1. okay hair momma! i've got some seriously dry scalp kickin which leads it to very extremely itchy and even bleed. it's annoying and disgusting and uncomfortable all at the same time. what would you recommend? i'm currently using paul mitchell's lavender tea tree and it helped when i first bought it but it's not doing a darn thing now :(

    by the way i grabbed your button! make sure to link up today :) happy thursday chicky!

    1. Oh so sorry Momma! i have a really dry acalp right now too, somewhat caused by the winter but have you ever tried or heard of Nioxin? They have a scalp recovery kit that has a shampoo conditioner and a serum that you put on your scalp daily to relieve the dryness and itching. I haven't personally used this but Nioxin is a really great brand and I know people swear by their stuff!

    2. Hi Taylor,

      Very nice blog. I have never heard about Nioxin. I am interested in this scalp recovery kit that has a shampoo conditioner and a serum. I hope you will post a full review of this kit in your blog so that I can know about it on my next visit.

      Lara Smith
      Hair Stylist Brisbane

  2. LOVE moroccan oil! I've stopped using it since I had B though. Postpartum has left me with super oily hair... have you ever heard of that? It's seriously weird & kind of sucks lol thank goodness for dry shampoos, or I would have to wash it every day haha

  3. Funny you say that because before miss H I could go almost a week (I know ew) without washing my hair and now I can only go a max of three days... I became super oily too. I haven't tried any dry shampoos. Which one do you like?? Thank goodness for the top knot ;)