Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I Heart February

Now that it is February aka the month of love, chocolates, and hearts; I am loving everything Valentine's Day! Especially everything with a cute heart on it for the littlest loves ;) I have so many "heart" outfits I have been saving up for this festive month so you can look forward to that Harper fashion show. LOL. I also have an amazing Valentine's Day gift for my man that I can not wait to give him!!! (Can't talk about it yet because he sometimes reads here.) And tomorrow I plan on going to Target to stock up on some Valentine's Day crafting supplies to make little cards with Harps! Oh, and probably some candy of course!! We are also in a little snow storm so we are very very bored and our gymnastics class will probably be canceled tomorrow so we will be crafty bees and I am so excited!! 

Heart Headband

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