Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Trendy Littles Tuesday// Black, White, & POP!

Hey Tuesday, you are being transformed into Trendy Littles Tuesday over here on PMM. :)
In my efforts to blog more regularly I tried to come up with a new reoccurring topic for every day of the week. I knew I needed a day to show adorable little ones fashion finds because I have an obsession with little babe trendies! Tuesday is also one of the only days that I plan and lay out Harper’s OOTD because she goes to school in the morning so it works out great that I can plan her outfit according to that weeks trendy topic! (Sorry for the over use of the word Tuesday... oops, and T words. hehe)

This week I am crushing on black and white everything (still) and pops of bright colors! I am still not over the black and white trend obviously and I am not overly in love with OMG NEON EVERYWHERE so I love just the pop of it with two of my most favorite colors!

Girlfriend wanted nothing to do with pictures today so better luck next time! :0
Harper’s Black, White, and Pop OOTD

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