Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekend Recap {Camera Roll}

Another weekend has come and gone, sigh. We always miss the weekends but I always look forward to the new weeks because we are busy bees over here. Harper now goes to school twice a week which she is liking more and more every time we go. She does gymnastics on Wednesday mornings so that gives us a fun activity to do (not to mention a workout for Me...). And I recently accepted a very part time salon job that I am so excited about! Not to mention all the photo sessions and wedding galore I have booked this year that I can’t wait to shoot. We are getting busier and busier so the down time on the weekends is much needed and we love our relaxing time ;) 
This weekend was just that. I like to think of my weekend starting on Friday and because Daddy is home on Fridays so its kinda like our “fun” day as a family. H went to school and then we picked her up and went home to eat lunch and nap. Then we played outside pretty much the rest of the day. I did a little work for my friend Sara and then we went out a had a few drinks with them and H stayed with Grandma. Thanks Mom!

Headband Moccs

Saturday we spent most of the day with the grandparents. We were already playing outside by 10 a.m. and were convinced by a certain almost 2 year old to take a walk down to the park. So we all went (dogs included) down to the park which is a quick 5 minute walk from our house. Harps loves swinging and its pretty much the only park play “thing” she will get on. She gets freaked out by the other equipment for some reason so she’s mostly just running around and watching other kids. We finally persuaded her to go back home so we could run to the pet store for dog food so we packed up and headed out. We of course had to stop at Starbucks for a chocolate milk treat and then headed home for nap time. After nap we ate and played outside again while we waited for Daddy to get home. 

Flower Clip

Sunday we woke up to a very dreary rainy day so we ran a couple errands with Grandma to Costco and Target to pick up a few groceries and training panties for H. Yup, beginner panties! (We are not really potty training but just preparing for it.) She also threw a fit when we had to put the Sofia toys back so I was chalked up as worst mom ever for a few moments but was regained as good Momma with a Sofia coloring book. Thanks dollar section! Seriously, this girl does not need another toy till her birthday. We are swimming in pink, girly, doll, coloring book land and actually drowning :/ Made a quick stop at Chipotle and it was off to nap time. She was in rare form yesterday and was just very moody and grumpy. :( I think she’s teething again so I tried to be as patient as possible but when she was completely acting out, she was introduced to a little time out. We did go outside after the rain stopped and her mood was quickly turned around. We blew bubbles and she wore her new panties and wedges while walking around the backyard! HA! Totally made my day!! I tried for an early bedtime but that didn’t work out... She finally fell asleep around 1 a.m. Yawn.

Head Wrap Harper Leggings 

From this...
To this... in .5 seconds :/

Here are the cutest little training pants found at Target or HERE

Today is back to the grind of laundry, cleaning, blogging, catching up on emails and other random things but luckily I am in a good mood about starting Monday with a smile because of a great weekend!! 

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