Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Weekend, in pics, what’s new!?

Since our weekend was a little bit of a bore I will just flood this post with pics from the week, as usual. 

Queen Harper
Apparently she doesn't like chocolate sprinkles...
Sushi date with Daddy at Kona!
I love coming home from a busy day and watching my baby sleep next to me!
Mommy and baby selfie. Harps was thrilled ;)
Hmm, let me tell you a little story... H loves loves loves jewelry right now. We took her into F21 to look at the pretties and she oohed and ahead for a good 10 minutes and left the store rather easy. We than stopped at Old Navy and she had a harder time leaving a huge pink sparkly soccer ball. Grandma felt bad so she took her into Justice (you know that overly neoned tween store) to pick out a necklace. She found two three packs of sparkly bracelets that she wanted so when we told her she had to pick one she freaked the f out. She kept yelling MINE MINE and would not let me take off one of the sets. She was screaming and hitting me at this point and had a death grip on these bracelets. I have never seen her so upset and red and mean, rawr, The whole store was staring and some laughing because "aww it was so cute!" WTF? NO! She was so upset with me at this point that my mom just told me to leave the store and I could still here her screaming as my mom tried to pay for the bracelets. I was so mad that she still got her way after that massive meltdown and the rest of the day she was just a stinker... Moral of the story, toddlers are tough and this parenting job is hard... help!
Today we hit the reset button and went to Costco and bought the movie frozen and then had a treat from Starbucks. Thank goodness for a new day right?!

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