Monday, May 12, 2014

Weekend & Mother's Day!!

Well last week was a blogging fail again because of my busy week. (I know, every ones busy but sheesh, I need more hours in the day.) So once again I will just flood you with iPhone pics from the week!!
Thank you school for a tiring day ;) She couldn't even finish her fruit bar!
My silly girl!
Wednesday Target shopping with Daddy always ends up in the toy aisle.

Daddy, I want this one! :)
I just love watching her sleep. My precious babe!
{Ruffle Leggings}
Off to school again! The teachers are probably very annoyed of all the headbands and bows, hehe. She has to be accessorized though, ;)
I am obsessed with these Mommy & mini necklace tees! I sent Cady a picture of my statement necklace from Foi Clothing  and then she made it into a tee for Harps. Genius!!! Check them out now at Enjoy Essential 
Leaping, lol!

{Sweatpants} {Headwrap} {Sandals (similar)}
How perfect is this tee for a toddler?!? Seriously, I died! This fits my little drama queen so perfectly and of course its from Enjoy Essential! Amazing!! Nick said I needed this shirt for myself, I told him to shut it ;) 
New sprinkler pool was a hit!

I hope all you Mommas had a wonderful Mother's Day!!
Nick's birthday was yesterday as well so we kinda had to share our day but that's OK, because if it wasn't for him I wouldn't be a Mom so I tried to spoil him more because he's always spoiling me! We just had a relaxing family day of lunch at our favorite restaurant with Harper and free mimosas for us. Then we dropped H off with the g-parents who treated us to dinner and drinks at our other favorite place, Kona. We were under a tornado watch the whole day but while we were at dinner it started getting super dark and the clouds were going crazy. We made it home just in time because not even thirty minutes later the sirens were going off and all of our phones were blowing up with tornado warning alerts. It was pretty scary for a moment but thankfully it passed us and it was just dark, windy, and rainy. We relaxed the rest of the night with our bug and watched our favorite show, Game of Thrones and ate chips and chocolate covered strawberries! ;)

The only pic we got together all day. 

{Top} {Leggings (similar)} {Moccs} {Flower Crown Headband}
Thank you miss Harper for making me a Mommy. You are my greatest gift and blessing and I can't imagine my life without you. You have made me a better person and you fill my life with so much joy. You are my everything and I am beyond grateful to be your Mommy! xoxoxo

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