Monday, August 4, 2014

Game Day Wear {Husker Football Style}

Gooo Biggg Reddd! Go Big Red! 
Eeek. Babes, its almost that time again, college football season!!! Woo. I swear I am not trying to rush the summer season but the Huskers have their first game in less than a month so of course I am planning everything in red, black, and white at the moment. Around our neck of the woods Husker football is everything! We live and breathe our Skers' because we don't really have any other sports teams so its a big deal. The whole state is decked out in red every game day and there is just something in the air that is so awesome and exciting when football season comes around. Of course I'm always on the hunt for adorable Husker gear especially for Harps because we have to teach her young about our beloved football team, right?! I love putting together these game day style posts for the whole family and I hope this will inspire some stylish wear coming this fall... ;)

Little Man

Little Lady



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