Monday, September 8, 2014

Weekend Recap

Hi babes! I can't believe we are already into the second week of September. It's so crazy to think its almost 2015 already. Eeek. Ok I am getting off topic of my weekend recap but my weeks and weekends for the next few month are just packed to the brim with "stuff" going on. Weddings, photo sessions, trips, holidays, and everything else in between. I am starting to panic a bit just thinking about my schedule but I am just going to breathe and take it minute by minute. Literally. This weekend was kind of the start of our mayhem next couple of months. I had shoots, one of my closest friends got married and I wasted a whole day doing absolutely nothing because I was so hungover, bah!! Just keeping it real cause that totes happens when I think I am a cool chick again. ;) Just let me show you some pics!!

Friday was school day and fun day with Daddy!
Turban// Chambray Shirt// Skirt// Mini Melissa's//

Before wedding selfies with one of my bestest friends! We have been besties since 6th grade! I call her my "wifey!" Don't ask we just do! ;)

And of course I need a pic with my love!!
My girls!!!!! Oh and the beautiful bride behind us! Hi Layne ;)

And.... this is embarrassing! haaaaaa.

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