Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Trendy Littles Tuesday// Camo Crush

Ca ca ca CAMO is my jam right now ladies!! I am obsessed. I have been all summer but for some reason I am loving it more for fall. I have been hoarding Harps camp skinny jeans all summer and today I finally got them out today and eek, I died! I also just bought these camo TOMS wedges yesterday and I have been contemplating the FP camo moccs for months. Those will def be our next mocc purchase! And the word of the day is officially camo and moccs after saying that 20 times in like 2 sentences, eek! ;)

    Toms Camo Wedges// Skinny Jeans// Jammies// FP Moccs// Hello Tee// Sweatshirt// MK Wallet

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