Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Weekend Recap

I feel like these are the only posts I do, eek, BUT, I am going to try and be better this week! 
I was looking through my blog at posts from last year and it was amazing reading about Harps a year ago and it took me right back to those moments. Its exactly why I wanted to start blogging and it just lit a fire in me to really start documenting more on here and maybe step out of my comfort zone and start talking about my fitness goals, more fashion, more photography, more Harper (obvi), more food., etc. Just more. I hope no one minds if this blog becomes more about everything in our life than just Harper girl. I mean, I know it is all about her, but, you know what I mean! ;)

We were stuck inside with a snow week so even a glimpse outside was a big deal! Luckily, its almost all melted already and we are hoping for warmer temps.

I am so excited that Harper has become a brand rep for Just Like Mommy Cosmetics. They sell awesome pretend "makeup" but the amazing part is that no colors come off! I was skeptical at first because Harps is a smart cookie but she actually adores it so much and plays with it all the time and even does my makeup and never seems to wonder why there is no color. Lol. It's a great activity for all those girly girl toddlers out there!!

We decided Harper needed a extra fun day on Friday so after school we took her to BounceU,  a giant bounce house play area thing (hah) and she was in heaven! We have been there once before and this time she could navigate and get around all the jumpers so much better it was crazy. She really loved it and so did we because it was an extra cardio workout for mommy and daddy chasing her around! ;)

I then took her to get her nails done while I got a pedicure. She sat next to me in the fancy chair and picked out her own sparkly pink polish! The sweet ladies were so nice to her and she was so good at sitting still. Funny story: The lady that was painting her nails kept talking to her and calling her "baby" and she kept turing back to me and saying, "What she saying?!" ;) O M G everyone was dying laughing!! I was a little nervous at first that the sweet nail techs would think she was rude but they were totally awesome and were laughing along too and trying to get her to say it more and more, haha!! Kids are so dang funny!!

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