Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Camera Roll

Hey Febs!!! You've started off a little annoying with all this snow, boo. But that's ok, we are getting more family time at home and it gave me an excuse to finally finish my TWP website!!! Check it out HERE!!! We did play outside in the snow for about 5 minutes when Harps finally agreed to go inside. She was in love and kept saying "its like Frozen!" Of course that would be the first thing to come to her mind ;) That is literally all we did. Kind of embarrassing but snowed in is snowed in. So, we already planned a family day on Friday to do fun stuff with Harper all day and put work and all of our day to day stuff to the side! We can't wait and we hope it will be a nice day!!!

Our feelings about the snow.... HAAAA! She cracks me up!!!

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