Monday, March 3, 2014

A random week recap

Ok, sickness... Please. Leave. :(
Our house has officially been hit with all these winter bugs and i'm over it... Last week we all had the stomach bug and Harper had an ear infection on top of that and this week Harper has had the worst wet cough and runny nose (for months now it seems). She has been on antibiotics and is on the mend but now I woke up with a sore throat and ear ache. ughh. 
Anyways... with all this sickness we haven't really been out of the house lately because I don't want to spread the germs and we just feel like lazy bums honestly.

We did make it out for a little dinner and Target date with Daddy on Friday and it felt so good getting out of the house finally. We went to our favorite mexican restaurant and then stopped at Target for some stickers, lol. H is so into coloring and stickers these days that its pretty much all she plays with. Funny side story, she's pretty good about only coloring with crayons on paper but the other day I was in the bathroom and all of a sudden I hear the crayon going across the wall... uh oh!! Her first wall art ;) Thank goodness for washable crayons right?! Another cute story; Girlfriend started saying "Nick!" one day after she heard my mom say something to her dad. It was hilarious!! He was so mad because when i'm mad at him thats what I call him, and he thought I taught her how to say it but no she is just a little sponge and is picking up everything, so now she runs around saying Nick, Nuck! Ha. Time to clean up my potty mouth. Eek!

We are hoping this week all the sickies will go bye bye so we can all have a more productive week. And momma is going out for a girls night to the Miley Cyrus concert on Thursday! Wooo! No judgies. I am so excited!!! Hope you guys had a great weekend!! xoxo

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