Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Trendy Littles Tuesday// Gold, Gold, did I say Gold?

So of course as you know, I kinda have a gold obsession! Eeek! But really, who doesn't right now?! It's kinda weird for me to say because I use to despise gold. I hated gold jewelry. I thought it was cheap looking and just ew but what do you know... Ten years later its my absolute favorite color! Especially when it is super shiny and sparkly!!! Every little piece thing I can put on H that has a fleck of gold on it, I'm buying it. I just can't help myself :) Gold is pretty much taking over her closet and I couldn't be more excited. Here's some gold wear were loving lately.

I am loving this tee from Paper Doll Clothing. I kinda think it was made for my "little miss dress up" princess!  This tee is so comfy and washed and dryed so perfect. Harps might be wearing this a couple times a week; It's a goody!

And my new favorite bow headband from Baby Jules Boutique is just beyond perfect. I love how its so sparkly but its perfect for my active toddler because the blush band is super comfy!

And last but absolutely not least is Harps new gold Freshly Picked Moccs that I ordered from there half year sale. I could not pass this sale up because they truly are my favorite pair of shoes she's ever owned. We're still waiting on these babes but they should be here on Thursday and I can't wait!!

What are some other gold moments you are loving?!? You can never have too much right?!? ;)

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