Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Life Lately

Wow, January has already been off to a very busy start! I can't believe the first month of 2015 has almost come to an end :( This month absolutely flew by. We have been going strong on our commitment to the gym and eating healthy and its really a huge change getting use to especially with everything else going on like work, Harper's activities and just everyday life (ha); but I'm already feeling so much better and really feeling less bloaty and chubby already! Woo! Harper also loves going to the gym with us. She had a rough little start but now she walks right in and loves playing with their play kitchen and doll house and usually doesn't even want to leave. 
I officially have 13 weddings booked for 2015, yes 13, holy shit. I just got a little panicky! But very excited and extremely grateful that people want me to capture their most special day. Blah I could cry! Happy tears. This is TWP's year and it is going to be a huge one!!
Harper has been her amazing little self, only better which I don't even know how that is possible. She is 90% potty trained. We are still battling nighttime and naps but she does awesome during the day and when we are out and about. She seems to only have accidents at home which have just started lately but it was kind of a bad week so we are hoping this week is better. She is funnier everyday I swear. The other day at Target she was just saying the cutest things and she goes "Mommy, I'm gonna be a movie star!" :) It was so out of nowhere  and I was giggling at her and my heart was melting and then she goes "and a princess!". I was like yes baby you can be whatever you want! Then we get to the toy section and she found a frozen microphone and turns on the frozen karaoke machine and pretends to belt out let it go! It was flipping adorable and I took about 200 hundred pictures of it. She has been singing a lot lately mostly the same frozen lines over and over and she loves the show Strawberry Shortcake so she is always singing the theme song to that. I love hearing her sweet voice all day long. Today she is officially closer to being three than two and it is so sad. She really is almost a big girl and truly truly not a baby, well always my baby but you know. Wah. She is growing up so fast :( I am very excited about this year for her though. She will have her first dance recital, turn three , start preschool, and be a flower girl in my best friends wedding this fall! 
January has been so amazing to us. If this is any indication of how this year will be, we are sooo truly blessed!!

Apparently I was practicing a lot of selfies ahaha and my skin has been worse than ever!! I need help!!!

We both love our new tennies!
Mine  Harps

Trying to keep it fancy even at the gym with sparkle leggings!

Singing her little heart out!! :) :)

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