Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Getting Fit in 2015

Well its official. We joined a gym! Woo! Its been months of me asking, babe, can we join the gym now, babe, babe. Finally, were really getting serious about getting fit. We've been eating clean and now this will really be the boost we need and I am so excited! Today was our first day and I felt so weird. I felt like the nervous newbie, eek! It's funny because about three years ago I was a mega gym rat. I was actually unhealthily obsessed with the gym and eating clean to the point where I was never happy and never satisfied with how I looked. Thank god for the amazing changes in my life since then but I am now ready to get back into that healthy (happy) lifestyle again! I am one extra lucky girl too because Nick is a certified personal trainer so I have a free trainer all the time! Our plan today did not go as planned though. We joined a gym with a great day care area that Harper can go to while we do our thing so I was really excited for her to be in the same building as us and still be able to workout. She went in the room great but about 20 minutes later, I went and checked on her and she was a crying mess! She was freaking out so hard she couldn't catch her breath :( We had to stop for the day and just tried to talk to her and see if we could come back tomorrow and she calmed down and agreed to try again. I really hope it gets better because it would be so amazing for Nick and I to be able to lift together and bring Harps with us so, crossing our fingers for a better day!
Can we just talk about the other great thing about working out, (besides a hot bod) the clothes; and shoes!! duh! I have a serious, serious addiction to the so so fab, Lululemon!!!! I became hooked when I just wanted a nice thick pair of black leggings that could double has running around and lounge pants so I bought them and the obsession started there. I have since basically been living in my lulu gear. I actually can't remember the last time I wore "real" clothes to leave my house. It can totally happen though with lulu because they make workout and yoga clothes that are more fashion forward and not so "workout-y". There is not one thing there that I wouldn't love love love! I highly recommend everything lulu!
A few of my faves

I'm sorry but when I have cute workout gear it definitely motivates me to want to go and work hard. I know its weird but whatevs. My polar really really helps too because its so awesome to look down and see your calorie count and heart rate going up while you're working hard. I've also had it for almost 4 years now and it works great, just needs battery changes a lot because it never turns off. I really hope all my motivation around here will help me get back into shape and back to loving my body which is what its really all about! Anyone else getting fit this year?! Lets help motivate each other!! :)

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