Monday, January 5, 2015

New Year

Happy New Year friends!
I am so excited about 2015. There are so many amazing things that are happening this year and so many goals I hope to achieve. Before I talk about my goals and resolutions lets talk about the obvious first...
I am so excited for this change. I literally just thought, I'm over my blog name, its too young like and I wanted a more grown up and "family" oriented blog name. This blog is still all about Harper and her growing up but I also like to share lifestyle like posts and I am hoping to share some fitness post this year too. Thank you so much to all my amazing followers! I promise I won't have another name change anytime soon; Or at least until we maybe add to our family someday ;) I am still trying to get everything changed around with the name switch and I hope you can still see my posts in your blogger feed! If you go to all your blogs and find mine in the list, unfollow, and refollow and all my posts will show back up! Thank you! xoxo

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