Friday, February 27, 2015

Five on Friday

I'm so excited to get back to these posts. They are some of my favorite :) This week we've been going a little stir crazy stuck inside because of the frigid cold outside. Please weather, warm up soon! On to the 5!

My mom has been into this whole oil craze, me, not so much, but I have been using them a little and we even got a diffuser in our room that we use every night for different things. My mom got me this little kit the other day and its really fun to play with. I really love the lemon one right now for a good mood booster and I just love the smell so much. Harper loves them to and she always picks "the purple one" :) What are some of your favorite combos and ways to use oils?! I'm a newbie, help!

Harps and I ventured to Barnes & Nobles today and I fell in love with this beautiful Cinderella book. The illustrations were so magical and dreamy I could not stop thinking about how excited I am to see the new movie coming out next month! I have decided that will be the first movie we take Harper too.  It might be a little too old for her because its not a cartoon but she is princess smitten and she even repeatedly watches the princess diaries on netflix which is not cartoony at all and she loves it! 

H is still loving her Just Like Mommy Cosmetics makeup! We play with it at least everyday and it keeps her sweet little fingers out of all my makeup which is great! hehe. 

I have been OBSESSED with the show Scandal!! Anyone else?! With business being so slow right now I have a lot of downtime at night so I have been binge watching on Netflix almost every night for the last two weeks! The last two nights I stayed up past 1 a.m. because I couldn't look away!! It is sooo damn good!! 

It is always a good day for a cupcake!! :)

Happy Weekend!

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