Monday, February 23, 2015

Life Lately/ Camera Roll

The last couple weeks have been absolutely amazing! A few small hiccups (like a stomach bug) but nothing that has really slowed us down! I mentioned this a touch in my last post but we finally bought a new car! We have been planning for this for probably 2 years now so its a huge deal for us. We got a 2013 Hyundai Elantra in drum roll, sparkly gold!! hehe. Kidding kidding, Nick picked out the color and I was so happy it actually does look gold so I'm feeling pretty cool. ;) We have both had really old crappy cars so now we have a great reliable family car that has just made our lives so much easier! We are very thankful. We have been trying to do as much fun stuff with Harps as possible lately. Once spring hits for me, our life is going to be a little chaotic with work and weddings so I am trying to spoil the crap out of her right now and spend every second doing everything possible to make her feel like the princess she is! It might be guilt of being busy but oh well, she is happy healthy and just the best, and yeah, spoiled. Speaking of healthy, she had a stomach bug over the weekend. It was scary and gross but other than throwing up one night really bad and the day after at Target (yeah that was gross and sad and I hope that never happens again) she has acted totally fine! Its been two days since any pukes so I think were in the clear?! Fingers crossed! (ps- I posted a photo and what happened at Target on IG and of course one person had to write a snarky comment about how I shouldn't have taken her out of the house... Ha. Thanks lady. You don't need to tell me what I should and shouldn't do with my child. Maybe we should have stayed home but I didn't know at the time that I still had a sick kid on my hands. She's had no other symptoms of anything until her episode at Target so yeah, shut it! Sorry for the rant and I know that is the nature of putting my life out there but are those comments really necessary?! fuck no! If you don't have anything nice or positive to say, don't say anything at all! Even my girl knows that! Sheesh.) 
We have another busy week planned and of course it is freezing here! No snow but just so cold you don't want to do anything but stay in and eat. hah! And with that, were off to the gym!

Making valentines day treats for dance class.
She was bored of car shopping... Who knew it took 4 hours to buy a car ugh.
My "we just bought a car" selfie! I look a little scurred. haha

Pre v-day dinner with Daddy! It was over 50 degrees and the snow was still melting! It felt  hot that day! ;)

Errands with Mommy in the new ride!
Daddy bought us roses and chocolate for v-day! He is the sweetest!!
Sunday Donuts and grocery shopping!

We took H to build a bear because well we wanted to! She picked out princess Celestia and she loves her!! 

The morning after her bad sickie night :( We stayed home and relaxed and she was fine that whole day. I don't know what was going on :(

See, back to her normal self by Saturday (so I thought...)

Minutes before the puke explosion in the middle of the aisle at Target. Yes it was everywhere. This adorable dress is now in the trash and good thing she had her rain boots on because, just because! I had to buy her a new outfit to ride home in even. Poor baby :(

Sweet girl begged for nails all weekend. She was one happy girl!

Showing off her new princess nails!!

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