Saturday, April 20, 2013

Big Girl Toys

Happy Saturday!!
Today we are going to buy Harper some new toys. Long gone are the days of Sophie and teethers. She needs "real" toys. Brain stimulating, fun toys! She is so active and crazy that her little "baby" toys are just boring and dunzo. Recently she has been obsessed with her stacking rings. Shes had them since she was about five months old but now she actually knows how to take them off and put them back on which is so amazing to watch (proud Momma). I call them her donuts and she even knows the colors. She also recently has been loving her elefun ball popper which I got for her when she was about seven months but would just watch us put the balls in it but now she can turn it on herself and she knows where the balls go and how to take them out of the trunk. I'm actually a little annoyed of the music because she turns it on so much. ;) We are going to Babies "R" Us today to get something new for her so I compiled a little list of some cute things she might enjoy!

Please share if you know of any other fun toys for a almost walking crazy ten month old!! Thank You!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


  1. We got Mya the little elephant ball popper toy and I was soooo excited about it because I thought she'd love it. Not so much. We wound up taking it back :( I hope your little one likes it though! p.s I had no idea it came in pink!

    1. Harper wasn't too sure of it at first either but now that she knows how to play with it, she loves it! I usually have to turn it off during the day because she plays it so often and it drives me nuts lol!