Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend + a Blog Makeover. Again...

Happy Earth Day! rain rain go away, come again another day...

Another Weekend come and gone...
Where does the time go? My life has never flown by this fast and now I wish time would take a little timeout... My baby is going to be a year old in two months. OMG. Cray Cray. Bananas. (Yep, I love Rachel Zoe.) I have already planning Harper's First Birthday (on Pinterest of course) but stay tuned for a post about the pink, gold, glitter, tutu, princess extravaganza. Can.Not.Wait. Anyways, we had a pretty low key weekend.Harper has been teething like crazy so shes just not in the best of moods to be out and about which I totally understand... Poor baby. I think her front teeth are about to break the surface and I'm scared shit less. Yes, biting on the nipples hurts like a bitch. OUCH OUCH OUCH. And I can only imagine what kind of damage she will be causing with front teeth because as of now, her bottom teeth are pretty much covered up by her tongue while shes eating. Ugh. I'm totally off subject as usual, which makes me think now I need to write a breast feeding post. Yes, this is my blog and to-do list all in one! Back to the weekend, we did go to our friend Sheena and Dave's couples bridal shower which was so much fun! They have a little boy two weeks younger than Harper and her twin sisters baby is two months younger so it was fun for the babies and adults. Oh, and one of the guests brought their teenage daughters to babysit the kids downstairs while the adults partied upstairs. It was beyond awesome. This Mama got to drink sangria and mingle while H made new friends and besides one slight melt down after she had realized I wasn't with her, she loved those girls and they loved her. We stayed up till after midnight and although Harper was exhausted she would not sleep, she loves to party I guess. (Should I be worried already...) We had a great time and we are now looking forward to their wedding reception in September! Sunday we slept in till ten which has never happened, except for she was still up multiple times which is another post I need to write... but we just chilled at home all day because it was rainy and we were hungover tired...
Harper and Logan. He was loving her ;)

Of course I was so busy getting Harper and I ready that I forgot to take a pic of our cute outfits. How do you guys do it?!? :)

Naked Playtime!
She is so extra clingy to me lately. Not complaining. Totally Love it.
Teething girl.
Momma cuddles are the best!
These up coming weeks starts some new ventures for us. Nick is starting a new job at PayPal and I am starting a job as a nanny which I am so excited about. I know the baby's Mom which is awesome and Harper will come with me unless someone is home to watch her which is great because it will be so good for us to get out of the house and give us something to do and its only four days a week so its perfect for our situation. I am so excited about the next few weeks, and months. One of my besties is getting married, Harper's birthday and just spring/summer to enjoy. I hope you all had a great weekend!! xoxo

I know I know, I changed my blog AGAIN. ( How annoyed are you guys). I'm sorry I just get bored easily and I get inspired by things I see or find on Pinterest and I get to changing shit! I think this one might be staying for awhile because I am loving gold, glitter, light pinks, and black. Ugh. Addicted. So anyways I'm sorry if its annoying but I just love to create and this is my creative outlet right now since I'm not doing hair everyday like I was. I hope you guys like the new design! 


  1. I LOVE your new blog layout! So pretty :)

    & I'm with ya on biting the nips, flippin hurts like a b*tch!!!!!! I'm really hoping the top teeth stay away for as long as possible!

  2. Mya did a lot of biting at first and oooh.em.geeeee it hurts so bad. I think she bit more as the teeth were coming in than she did once they were all the way in. Good luck!