Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving & Harper's First Flight.

I hope everyone had an AMAZING Thanksgiving!!!!!!!
We took a trip to Dallas to spend our holiday with my sister and her family, my Dad and step mom who came down from Alaska, my Grandpa who lives in the big D, and my mom and step dad who drove down. It was a full family affair. (and somewhat stressful to split our short time between so many people) but it was a great time! It was also Harper's first time on an airplane. She was a rock star!! Like really, she was soo good on the flights. I am so proud of her. Her dummy parents, not so much... Yup we missed our first flight because we didn't think our airport would be very busy at 5 am, well we were wrong and because of our misjudgement we pretty much wasted a whole day in the air. It was a bummer.
Beautiful sunrise from the airplane.

Harps first plane ride!
So Tuesday we just hung out at my sisters new house with the girls and relaxed. 

Tenley and Harps are BFF's
Wednesday we went and had lunch, picked my Dad up at the airport, and than headed to the mall to see Santa!!! Yup, Santa for Harper was an epic fail but also kind of what we were expecting/wanting a freak out pic. hehe, oops. (Don't worry she was fine after 2 seconds.) We also went to a out for a fancy dinner with the whole fam! It was amazing and we had so much fun with the girls.

love love love love

Thursday on Thanksgiving we just hung out watched my step mom cook. (lol) The food was yummy and Harper took a 4 hour nap! It was awesome :). Nick, Harper, and I than went to my sisters boyfriends family Thanksgiving. It was really fun because once again we love having the girls together especially now that they can actually play together. We than decided to hit up wal mart for some deals. OMG. I have never done a black Friday like ever so it was a little overwhelming for me but we scoped out our positions in the toy department and we had a cart FULL for H and T in 2 minutes! It was  cray cray. We Santa went bizurk. We are completely done with Xmas shopping for the girls though. They are going to be so overwhelmed its not even funny. We went home and put Harper to bed and than my Dad and I went back out to shop! I finally got a new iPhone 5s (the gold one of course) and than we met up with my sister at the mall and shopped till 3 am. EXHAUSTION. holy cow.

Thanksgiving lunch. (Harps was sleeping)
Turkey day selfie ;)
How cute is Harps turkey dress my sister got her? Love it!
Grandma and H
Just checking for deals! lol
Our wally world cart. 
Friday we did MORE shopping, (I can't believe I am saying this but I was a little shopped out.) We went and hung out at my sisters again and got ready to leave... I was so sad to leave all my family but we were exhausted and I was looking forward to being home. We had a great trip and I am now looking forward to Christmas at home with my Sister! Yay!!

The girlies in their matching jackets from Alaska.
Family picture. (Dad's side)
Bye dallas. We miss you...

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