Monday, November 17, 2014

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! I am feeling extremely productive today and I hope it lasts all week because I have so much to get done before we head to Texas again this weekend for Thanksgiving. This weekend I  really tried to be with JUST Harper and not work as much because I can tell she has been missing me lately. I know its weird to say because we are together all the time, but I have been so occupied in work that some days I feel like we had no real quality time so this weekend I really tried to change that. We went to the children's museum with Daddy and we hung out the whole day together on Saturday and did nothing but love on each other and hang out with some of my good friends. I really feel refreshed after a little break. It snowed this weekend for the first time this season and I can't wait till we can get out in play in it but for now we are just going to stay warm and look at it from afar! ;)

Snow day!

Sleepy snow bunny!

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